PES students regularly pool their skills and talent to give back to the society they live in. There are a number of active organizations and programs for community outreach on campus.

The PES Community Service Program has adopted 12 rural government schools and is working with them at tow levels: The first is to improve infrastructure like buildings, sanitation facilities, drinking water, libraries and sports facilities. The second is to upgrade teaching skills, train faculty members and provide teaching aids. PES students visit these schools every weekend and monitor progress.

We run Vocational Training Programs for Class X dropouts. This involves training programs in machining, carpentry, plumbing, TV repair and other vocational skills that help these young people find feasible careers and achieve economic independence.

The PES Institute of Medical Sciences and Research at Kuppam Participates in the Janmabhoomi Program four times a year. Free medical check-ups are carried out for thousands of underprivileged people and surgeries are performed without any charge.

There are a number of other highly effective Community Service schemes at PES that our students participate in with enthusiasm. these include the National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, Primary Education Program, Community Housing and the Rural Health Program.

Concern for the environment underlies all programs at PES. In addition to the adoption of community parks, we have initiated an extensive tree plantation program. Our students and faulty plant over a thousand trees every year in a bid to green surrounding areas. Our Drinking Water Scheme provides borewells, pumps and drinking water tanks to help villages around our campuses.