The M.Tech Program in Bioinformatics at PES University is a unique program that bridges the gap between the information in life sciences to the subject of Computer Science or Information Science. It is the only program that is able to provide a knowledge and understanding of how life exists and works by studying the structure function relationship of biomolecules, finding new metabolic pathways, to the development or design of new drugs or find evolutionary patterns that exist among species to simulation of life sciences all in-silico.

This requires tremendous amount of storage capacity or memory intensive and very high speed processors to tackle simulation studies of how biomolecules work be it small or large. It is the only branch or program that requires the knowledge of biology, computer science and informatics including mathematics and biophysics. It is one of the exciting fields suitable for the biologist to be tech savvy or the tech savvy who wants to gain knowledge of biology. It is an advanced course in Bioinformatics suitable for the biologist or biotechnologist to learn and tackle problems of biology using computers and software or the development of new languages.

It is also for the computer or information scientist to gain a perspective of biology by providing support either in terms of hardware or software to address the problems in biology or provide the ability to handle big data. A student entering the MTech program in Bioinformatics is taken through a journey in either Biology subjects or Computer Science subjects initially to some of the advanced or challenging problems that biology poses. It is a two year program which is very rigorous.

A student who is graduating from the MTech program in Bioinformatics has opportunities to enter either into the software domain or bioinformatics and computational biology domain. He or she needs to have an understanding of the in-silico or wet lab approaches to solve problems related to biology. As part of the curriculum a MTech student is expected to complete a project that is either research in nature or take a problem that requires novel approaches to solve. It is further expected that the MTech student in Bioinformatics has to come up with an original problem of their own and work independently with limited supervision from the guide.

The duration of the project has to be a minimum of a year during which time the student has to submit a thesis as partial fulfilment of the program. The program requires a total of 80 credits in a span of two years consisting of four semesters. During the first semester the student is expected to fulfil the deficiencies that are essential for the MTech Bioinformatics Program. During the second semester all the students are taught some introductory as well as a few advanced courses in Bioinformatics. Finally in the third and fourth semester the student is expected to start and complete an independent project.

The program offers a set of core subjects followed by a host of electives which the student can opt for. The student who is selected for the MTech program in Bioinformatics is expected to meet individual faculties on an informal basis so as to gain a perspective of the program as well as be potential guides or advisors to their projects. The requirement for entering the MTech program is a four year degree course in Biological Sciences or Engineering. The admission and selection of students depend on a host of factors such as Statement of Purpose, grades in undergraduate or graduate program, selection exam, knowledge of English language and recommendations from referees.

Affiliation :

PES University

Duration :

2 Years

Eligibility :

Grade BE/Equivalent in relevant branches