Biotechnology is the culmination of Life Sciences and Engineering resulting in technologies. These are exciting times for Biotechnology as it is considered the area that can solve sustainability issues for the human mankind. One can look for alternative renewable energy sources or mitigate climate change or produce medicines or discover new drugs or treatment technologies for health or tackle the requirements of meeting the hunger of billions of people or treat water and waste water or occupational health, etc., the answer lies in Biotechnology.

The Bachelors program in Biotechnology at PES University is a four year undergraduate degree course covering the span of Bioprocess Engineering, Cell and Molecular Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and Medical and Environmental Biotechnology to address the sustainable issues which the human mankind has never dealt before.

The Bachelors of Engineering (B.E) in Biotechnology involves the application of engineering principles to biology and is more of an applied approach to Life Sciences laying the foundation by studying both hands on as well as formal teaching in basics of Biotechnology. It differs from the BSc and MSc Biotechnology which focuses more on the basic sciences and no focus on engineering aspects of biology. A student entering into the B.E Biotechnology program is introduced to subjects related to Biology such as Microbiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, in addition to engineering courses such as Bioprocess Calculations, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Bioprocess Reaction Engineering and also Bioinformatics.

As the student approaches the intermediate level he or she would gear towards one of the specialized areas. Further, the student is trained hands on experience in the laboratories so as to gain knowledge of both the wet lab as well as dry lab. The program offers a choice of core courses in Biotechnology apart from a host of elective subjects in the respective domains. As part of the curriculum a student of Biotechnology is expected to complete a project of interest in their respective specialized area as a partial fulfilment of the B.E Biotechnology program. This gives the student an opportunity to excel either independently or as part of a team in conduction and execution of the project.

Further, it is expected of the student to include a deliverable such as publishing an article in a journal or conference as part of the project which enhances the student’s ability in writing a scientific article which promotes career opportunities. Finally, the student is expected to complete 180 credits as a requirement. One may ask what opportunities exist for a Biotechnologist after graduation from a program in Biotechnology. There is a myriad of career opportunities that exist for a Biotechnology graduate coming out of PES University.

The opportunities exist in industry, academia or government. For example, a career in industry has some exciting opportunities from designing, manufacturing, research and development, validation, quality assurance and control to regulatory affairs to development of software in Bioinformatics. There are also opportunities in terms of entrepreneurship for those who wish to start a company of their own. The career growth is phenomenal after a few years of experience in the industry. The career titles can anywhere be from Bioprocess Engineer, Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Validation Engineer, research assistant, research associate, and scientist, Manager, Director, Vice President, President and CEO. For those who want to enhance further knowledge in the field undergo training by doing higher studies.

This helps them to gain knowledge in the advances that have happened in Biotechnology and makes them more competent to venture into any of the career opportunities. For others who want to enter the Government can do so by shaping policies for the country. Therefore, the B.E program in Biotechnology at PES University is for the risk undertaking enthusiasts who would like to venture into solving issues that face the human mankind be it in energy, environment, health, food or water and finally sustainability. The Biotechnology Department offers the selected candidates an opportunity to visit the Department as well as the PES University so as to gain a perspective of the match the selected student has opted for to study.

Affiliation :

PES University

Duration :

4 Years

Eligibility :

Grade 10+2