This programme provides a detailed understanding of the theory and applications of linear and non-linear control systems covering topics related to optimal, intelligent and automatic control systems. The program also includes study of neural networks and computational techniques to obtain mathematical models of industrial drives and control systems. The program also covers subjects related to microelectronic systems where students acquire deeper knowledge on electronics systems related to advanced integrated circuit systems, computer tools for design of systems and computer architecture.

Program outcomes :

  1. Learn and understand the scientific principles of device physics and using them in the design of integrated circuits
  2. Develop an understanding of the methodology involved in design and process involved in the creation of new device structures.
  3. Learn and apply the principles of linear and non linear systems in applications such as robotics, aircrafts, and design and develop mathematical models for industrial processes.

Infrastructure :
The Dept of ECE has laboratories equipped with the latest VLSI tools such as CADENCE and modules related to control systems in which the students can implement projects and undertake research in the related areas.

Skill sets developed: Students will develop skill sets which will enable them to integrate interdisciplinary projects such as servo mechanisms, variable speed drives, electric motors and hone skills which can be applied in job contexts such as renewable energy, medical electronics and also manufacturing. Students would also develop skill sets required for applications in microelectronic engineering to develop faster, smaller devices which consume low power.

Affiliation :

PES University

Duration :

The course shall extend over a period of 4 semesters of total duration of 24 months, which include classroom sessions, laboratory work, seminars, continuous internal evaluation (CIE) consisting of tests, quizzes, mini projects, term papers, assignments. The Project Phase for this programme is divided into 3; Phase 1 and 2 would be conducted during the 2nd and 3rd Semesters and final Phase during the 4th Semester as a Dissertation work.

Eligibility :

Grade BE/Equivalent in relevant branches

Campuses Availability :

PES University