Computing sciences are undergoing a major change with the rapid development of the World Wide Web. Not only the ways in which software solutions and services are developed and delivered to global users but also the very science and engineering behind them are undergoing rapid changes.

The architecture of web technologies, their design for performance and scalability, the methods of software engineering, the nature of human-computer interaction appropriate to them, as well as the core set of data structures, algorithms and operating principles of web technologies are significantly different from those of conventional computer science.

There is also a growing demand for highly qualified engineers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in web technologies in large as well as small and medium corporations. Moreover, much research and development needs to be done in this area for which a Master’s degree in Web Technologies will serve as an essential stepping stone.

Objectives :

  • To produce globally competent post-graduate engineers with a solid foundation of computing sciences applied to the specific area of web technologies.
  • To equip graduates with adequate skills to conceptualize, design and develop well-engineered web applications.
Affiliation :

PES University

Duration :

2 Years

Eligibility :

Grade BE/Equivalent in relevant branches