We believe in developing mutually beneficial long term relationships with like minded organisations.

Industry on Campus

The scope for industry interaction is greatly increased by the fact that a number of leading firms have offices right here on the PES


Our facilities are made for world-class research.

At PES University, we believe that research is an integral part of higher education. Research enriches all aspects of teaching and learning in the PES curriculum. The University has several well-established research laboratories and centres of excellence attached to various departments.

Research at PES is energized and driven through a set of recognized domains in which faculty and students come together to create and apply knowledge in building solutions that engineer a better life for all of us. These domains, many of which are interdisciplinary in nature, provide a unique research experience and exposure even to undergraduate students of the University. The domains ranging from cloud computing, knowledge analytics and environmental biology to composite materials and satellite technology are aligned with the University’s vision of being a top-ranked university by 2020.

There is a strong commitment by PES University to encourage research and innovation. The University plans to create Centres of Excellence, also known as Training, Research and Placement (TRP) Centres to provide an environment for research and development that in turn help the economy of the region. These centres facilitate the germination of innovative ideas on the campus to blossom as start-up companies, while letting the innovators focus on the technology, leaving it to the University to take care of infrastructure and establishment overheads.

PES University intends to attract better quality faculty to take forward the research agenda of the University. This will be supplemented by forging collaborations with reputed industries, R&D organizations and universities abroad. The relationships of PESIT with Maastricht University-Netherlands, National University of Singapore, Swansea University-UK, Old Dominion University-USA, University of Wyoming-USA, Dalhousie University-Canada, Triveni Gears-Mysore, General Electric, Indus Consulting, Goodrich, Mann Hummel, Eko Vehicles, Samsung, IBM, Nokia, Intel, NXP semiconductors, Freescale, Acropetal Technologies, Forus Health, and Renalyx will be taken forward towards an ideal synergistic relationship. An exclusive research facility called Crucible of Research & Innovation (CORI) created earlier in PESIT will be a part of PES University. The University will earmark a portion of the budget for encouraging research activities. The University will continue the PACE (Partnership for Advancement of Collaborative Education) relationship with GM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, UGS, EDS and Siemens. Undergraduate student research is at high ebb in the University, ably supported by highly qualified faculty with backgrounds in both industry and academia. Good numbers of impactful journal publications, sponsored projects and consulting assignments are being carried out by the faculty. The University encourages and incentivizes its teachers engaged in research, innovation and fetch patents.

Research Domains

Currently, PES University has active research communities in the following domains:

1. Advanced Composites Research Centre
2. Bioprocess and Biomanufacturing
3. Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
4. Centre for Automobile Research and Engineering (CARE)
5. Centre for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering (KAnOE)
6. Cloud Computing and Big Data (CCBD)
7. Computational Biology 8. Medical and Environmental
8. Medical and Environmental Biotechnology (MEB)
9. Mobile Systems Engineering (MSE)
10. Network and Security
11. Power and Energy Systems
12. Satellite Technologies
13. Signal Processing
14. Smart Power Control
15. Thermo-Fluids Engineering
16. VLSI Technologies

PES University shall facilitate the formation of a few student groups for carrying out hobby projects to strengthen their theoretical knowledge.